Lamp: Multi-Point-Source Wave Interference

Lamp: Multi-Point-Source Wave Interference, 2007. Silver-plated gilding metal, high-power LED, electrical components. Diameter 150mm. Photo Johannes Kuhnen.

This portable, wireless lamp was created for the research project 'Search for a Universal Aesthetic' in the Australian National University School of Art Gold and Silversmithing Workshop. The sphere was hammered from sheet gilding metal (a copper alloy containing 95% copper and 5% zinc), the patterns were drilled and the pieces silver plated. The lamp contains high-power LEDs which are powered by a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, charged via a socket in the base of the sphere.  The pattern on the sphere is based on the natural phenomenon of multi-point-source wave interference.  This pattern is most commonly seen when the surface of still water is broken at multiple points by drops of water or by other objects such as stones.

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